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 Our latest children's book 'Poultry Snowed In at Lavender Cottage' by Brenda Hooks Harris with illustrations by Ellen Hare has just been released on September 5th in London. This is the sequel to 'Poultry at Lavender Cottage' by the same author.




The UK edition of our first Children's book "Poultry at Lavender Cottage" by Brenda Hooks Harris with Illustrations by Shirley N.Jones was launched on July 7th 2015 in London. It is intended for the 6-11 years old age range. 


Poultry at Lavender Cottage by Brenda Hooks Harris is a new Children’s book primarily written for the 7-11 age group but is suitable for all ages. It is about the coming of age of a young Bantam hen growing up in an English Country Garden.


What is the purpose of Poultry at Lavender Cottage? Poultry at Lavender Cottage was written for the purpose of entertaining children and encouraging young values for raising free range chickens.  The book provides a fun way for children to learn about chickens, healthy eggs, and the importance of eating healthy food.







Brenda Hooks Harris signing copies of "Poultry at Lavender Cottage" at the launch.

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